The Opening of the

...Terral Public School...

Terral, Oklahoma

September 2nd,1907.

New State Power Print, Ryan, Okla.

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First National Bank, Terral, I.T.
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...Fortune's Corner Stone...
First National Bank, Terral, I.T.

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J. W. Colburn, Chairman
W.L. Hill
H. Winningham
L. G. Taylor
A. M. Brown
E. O. Barnett


J. P. Scott, Principal
Mary K. Scott, Primary Teacher
Teacher for Intermediate Department to be supplied

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To The Public

Having increased the capacity of my gin from a three stand to a five stand and having put in new hydraulic press, new cleaner, feeder, new suction and a great deal of other new machinery, I am in a position to give the public much better service in the future than in the past. I have installed Lumpkin's Celebrated Air Blast which will greatly increase my ginning capacity, and will also make a better sample of cotton, thereby enabling the farmers to secure a better price for their lint.
Thanking the public for past patronage, I solicit a continuance of patronage in the future.
J. H. Pealor
Terral, I. T.

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Good Drugs
will cure you, and bad drugs will kill you. Where your health is at stake you can't afford to venture. Come to Hill's-- he keeps the drugs that cure you.Then, too,he sells Toilet and Fancy Articles, Perfumes and Stationery, the kind that appeal to the dainty women and the discriminating men.
City Drug Store
W. L. Hill, Proprietor.__________ Terral, Ind. Ter.

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To the public and patrons of Terral School: We take pleasure in announcing to you that we have secured the service of J. P. Scott as principal of our school. Mr. Scott is a teacher with much experience, having been engaged in public school in Texas during the past eighteen years, and he comes to us with the best recommendations from his former patrons, showing that his work has been a success, and that his efforts have been appreciated by the people who he has served. We believe that Mr. Scott will use use his best efforts in building upon our school, and we feel confident that if the patrons will cooperate with him, our school will be a success.
In fixing the date of the opening of the school, we decided that Sept. 2nd, 1907,shall be the date of the opening; for the following reasons;
1 The first of September is the beginning of the school year in most all the states.
2 The children are most all idle and should be in school instead of loafing on the streets.
3 The cotton crop is much later this year than usual and very little cotton will be gathered before October, therefore those who keep their children out of school to gather cotton will not lose any of the school on account of opening the first of September as under the contract, school was to be opened not later than the first of Oct. The earlier date, Sept. 2nd, will be an advantage to those who must use their children in picking cotton, as the....

(Page 4)
J. M. Lewis
Dealer In
Hardware, Furniture and Coffins
Terral, Ind.Ter.

J. F. Jackson & Co
The Popular
Dry Goods and Grocery Merchants
Are Having new and up-to-date Goods Arriving Daily

Come in and see them. We take pleasure in showing you through our stock, We carry the celebrated Peters Shoes, a nice line of men's and boy's, hats, ready made clothing, dress goods, and nice shirts, collars and ties to go with them. We carry the nicest assortment of candies in town.

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children can all enter school at the beginning of the term, be classed and graded, become familiar with their work, and get one month or more of school before going to the cotton patch. When they enter school, become interested and find out just what they have to do. They will be more anxious to return to their school, after cotton picking is over.
We deem it very necessary to have all the pupils present at the opening of the school term, as it saves much time in grading and classifying, and prevents much confusion in the work which would be caused by pupils entering a month or more after the opening of the the term.

Announcement By Principal

To the citizens of Terral and patrons of the school. I take pleasure in anouncing that your school board has employed me as principal of your school for the coming term. I shall put forth every effort to merit the confidence which the board has placed in me and strive to do my duty faithfully. I realize the great responsibility resting upon me in this matter. I realize that in accepting the principalship of your school, I take upon myself very grave responsibilities. No one but a true teacher can appreciate fully the responsibility that a teacher feels when placed in charge of a school.
In order that our school be a success, we must have your cooperation in the work. I earnestly solicite your assistance in every way possible, and assure you that if you cooperate with us in our school work, the more school will be a success. Having devoted more than 18 years of my life to school

(Page 6)
Dr.E. T. Maddox,
Office With Dr. F. W. Ewing.
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F. W. Ewing, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon.
Alsabrook Drug Store
Terral, Oklahoma

Fisher's Drug Store

Tell them to buy at Fisher's where the stock is fresh, where they have fixtures that will keep stock fresh and clean. Last but not least where you get what you call for at a living price.
Fisher's Drug Store.

Rates $1.00 Per Day_____________Mrs. Fannie Ash, Proprietor
The Ash Hotel
Regular meals and Board by Day, Week or Month. The tables supplied with the best the Market affords. Clean beds and comfortable rooms. Your patronage solicited and polite attention guaranteed.

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work, I feel more interested in the subject of education than any other subject brought to my mind.
We are living in an age of progress, and to what is that progress due? I answer education. Education is at the head of all progress. In this busy and progressive age, it should be the duty and aim of all parents to give their children an education in order that they may be able to compete for the better places in life, and overcome the stern problems with whitch they meet. It should be the ambition of the youths to emulate the lives and teachings of the great men and women of the world and to obtain an education regardless of circumstances and enviorments. An education means more today than ever beffore in the world's history.
It shall be my purpose to arouse an interest in education, and to teach the pupils the value of it. It is a very dificult matter to people to take hold of anything until you get them to see the value of it or become interested in it. I trust that the patrons of the school will take an interest in the work and assist me in building up a good school.
I am glad to be identified with you as a citizen of Terral, and shall contribute all within my power towards the upbuilding of the town, and the welfare of the community generally.

J. P. Scott.

(Page 8)

Winningham & Company
Dealers In
Hardware, Implements Furniture
Harness and Leather Goods

We solicite the patronage of the general public and propose to meet prices on all articles in our line. We handle the best line of hardware, agricultural implements, leather goods, etc. manufactured.
Terral, I. T.

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We especially wish to call the attention of the men to our
You are especially invited to examine our goods in every department and the price will talk more than we can.
I. H. Gaskins,
Terral, Ind. Ter.

(Page 9)
Course of Study.

For the present term, the course of study will consist of three departments viz: Primary, Intermediate, and High School.
In the Primary department pupils should learn:
1. To recognize quickly the symbols of ideas and the thoughts expressed in written characters and to read aloud with ease simple prose and poetry.
2. To spell correctly the words of his own vocabulary, and that of his familiar textbooks.
3. To write legibly, neatly and with ease.
4. To add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, with rapidity and accuracy, to know many facts about the measures in common use and their relation to one another, and to solve simple problems involving this knowledge.
5. The simple rules of good health.
6. To observe closely what he sees and hears, and to know many elemental facts of nature.
7. To be prompt, obedient, polite and truthful.
The purpose of the Intermediate grades shall be:
1. To enable the pupils to read well newspapers, magazines and books of general interest, and to instill in them a love of reading good books.
2. To enable the pupils to write a correct note, letter or essay on any subject within their comprehension, and to deliver their thoughts orally in good English.
3. To enable the pupils to solve readily the problems met in every day life, as that involve only arithmetical processes.
4. To give them some acquaintance with the history of the

(Page 10)

Fisher's Drug Store,
We now have
For school children:Pencils, pens, ink, tablets and slates.
For Ladies:
Face powders, face creams, perfurme, toilet articles of all kinds.
For Men:
Pipes, purses, knives, cigars, tobacco.
For Boys:
Tops, marbles, harps, Baseball goods.
Toilet soap, books, croquet sets, watches, chains charms, silverware and clocks.
Just received, the finest line of new tablets, box papers and post cards at Fisher's.

Terral Livery and Feed Stable

E. Cates, Proprietor
We keep first class rigs to carr travelers, drummers and land seekers to and from any part of the country at reasonable prices. Your patronage is solicited.
Terral, I. T.

(Page 11)

State an of the nation, and with the men who were or are prominent exponents of the principals and policies that have made the history.
5. To give them some acquaintance with the best literature of the language, and to teach them to love this; to fill their minds with gems of thought to which to anchor all their thinking and acting.
6. To develop the power of observation, and give them some acquaintance with the facts of nature exhibited in the life of plants and animals.
7.To teach pupils to observe, love and reproduce the beauties of nature and art.
8. To cultivate a high sense of honor as the basis of conduct.
In the High School department, the aim will be to give pupils, who have completed the work of the Intermediate grades thorough instructions in all of the higher branches and to prepare them to meet and solve the practical problems of life. And also to prepare them to enter the higher schools and colleges of the State. It will the purpose of the department to articulate with the State normal and University work, and to give students as good opportunities as can be found in any school in the State.
The different departments will be divided into grades.
The Primary department will include the first, second and third grades.
The Intermediate department will include the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grades.
The High school department will include the eighth, ninth and tenth.

(Page 12)
To the Cotton Raisers.
I am now the owner of the Webb gin located at Terral,and I have recently finished overhauling it from top to bottom and I also have it the best of condition and I guarantee to give first class service and splendid turnout assured to all who patronize my gin this season, and a trial is all that's needed in order to convince anyone of this fact.
I am an old experienced gin man and I believe I can make a cotton gin do as good work as any man and all business trusted to my care will receive prompt attention.

C. E. Cleveland

We Want Your Trade!
And We're Going To Have It,To!

By selling you the best material at the lowest prices

J. W. Colbern. M'g'r.

(Page 13)

The subjects taught in the first grade are:
Reading- Chart on first reader.
Spelling- From reader and conversations.
Writing- With other exercises.
Language- With reading, spelling and number work.
Numbers- Combination not greater than 50 with objects.
General Lessons- Hygene, nature lessons, morals and manners.

The subjects taught in the second grade are:
Reading- Second reader and supplemental reading.
Spelling- From reader.
Writing- With reading, spelling and language.
Language- With reading, spelling and number work.
Numbers- Combination of digits with problems
Physiology- Practical lessons regarding daily habits.
Geography- Prepatory work, morals and manners.

The subject taught in the third grade are:
Reading- Third reader and supplemental reading, nature readers and classic stories.
Spelling- As in previous years , and with adopted book.
Writing- No. of copy book needed by pupil, pen and ink.
Drawing- Optional.
Language- As in previous years, with text-book.
Numbers- As in previous years, with Lower Arithmetic.
Physiology- Text-book for beginners.
Geography- Elementary.

The subjects for fourth grade are:
Reading- Fourth reader and supplemental reading.

(Page 14)

Spelling- All misspelled words in the written exercises, words in reading and other exercises and lessons from the text-book.
Writing- According to the needs of the grade.
Drawing- Optional, may alternate with writing.
Language- As in previous years and with text-book.
Arithmetic- Written and mental.
Physiology- Adopted book.
Geography- Elementary.
History Stories- As supplemental reading.


Reading- Fifth reaader, supplemental reading.
History or literature syitable to the grade.
Spelling- All difficult words in the written exercises and in the text-book.
Writing- Copy book to suit the needs of the pupil.
Drawing- May alternate with the writing exersise.
Grammar- Intermediate.
Arithmetic- Elementary, written and mental.
Physiology and Hygene- Elementary.
Geography- Intermediate.
U. S. History- Beginners


Reading- Supplemental.
Spelling- All misspelled words in written exercises , and the text-book.
Writing- Suitable copy book and instructions.
Drawing- May alternate with writing.
Arithmetic- Elementary completed.
Physiology and Hygene.
Geography- Elementary.
U. S. History.

(Page 15)


Reading- A book of literary selections.
Spelling- All misspelled words in the written work.
Writing- Instruction according to the needs of the pupils.
Drawing- May alternate with writing.
Grammar and Composition.
Arithmetic- Higher book.
Physiology and Hygene.
Geography- Descriptive.
U. S. History- Higher book.


Reading- A hand book on American and English literature.
Spelling- Misspelled words in written book and in the text-book.
Writing- To suit the needs of the grade.
Grammar and composition.
Arithmetic- Higher completed.
U. S. History- Completed.
Elements of Agriculture.


American Literature.
Composition and Rhetoric.
Physical Geography.
Civil Government.


Civil Government.
General History.
English and American Literature.

(Page 16)

Pupils on entering school will be closely examined in order to determine the grade to which they belong, and when placed in a certain grade, will be required to take all the subjects specified therein.
Pupils will be promoted from grade to grade, as they complete the work, as outlined in each
Examinations will be held at certain times for promotions, during the term, and also at the close of the term.
It will not be the purpose of the school to carry crossed or mixed grades, that is, pupils will not be allowed to take a part of their work in one grade and a part in another, except where the interest of the pupil or pupils absolutely require it. And this exception will be observed only for a time sufficient to regulate the work of the pupils to uniform grades.
No pupil shall be advanced from one division of the course of study to the next higher, until it has attained a full knowledge of the subjects of the grade, and no pupil shall be required to wait untill the end of the term before beginning a higher work, when this would cause a loss of much time to the detriment of the pupil.
The grades are made for the pupils-- The pupils should not be sacrificed to the grades. A full and reliable record shall be kept of the work of each pupil, so that the pupil can take up the work in each succeeding year where it was left in the preceeding. This will save much valuable time that is often wasted.
Rates of tuition charged pupils residing outside the corporation: $1.50 per month shall be charged for pupils in the Primary department. $2.00 per month for pupils in the Intermediate department and $2.50 per month for pupils in the High school department.
Tuition for pupils under and over the scholastic age residing in the corporation shall be charged at the same rates as for those residing without.

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